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York City Centre: 61 Micklegate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 6LJ

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Traditional Acupuncture

with Amanda Silcock MBAcC, DipAc

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17 September 2010

Knee Pain
"Thanks to Amanda I now play golf - pain free, and I'm a convert
to Acupuncture"- Neil M., York

Shoulder Injury
"I was advised to have acupuncture for a shoulder injury, but I didn't like the idea of having needles stuck into me. Amanda was very gentle and the needles were so fine I didn't feel a thing.  Since then she has treated me for a very painful twisted knee" - Rosemarie T., Tadcaster

"I have had chronic Tinnitus for over 10 years. But with regular maintenance acupuncture treatments from Amanda, it is now under control and I can sleep at night problem free, which is fantastic" - Kate N., Ripon

Sinusitis and Vertigo
"I originally went with Vertigo, which has not returned since that first treatment! Over the next few months I noticed that I no longer suffered from Sinusitis - something I've had problems with for a long time. I now have monthly maintenance acupuncture treatments" - Brenda P., York

Chronic Back Pain

"About a year ago my lower back pain was so bad that I could hardly walk. After a couple of acupuncture (with Moxa) sessions with Amanda I started feeling better. A few months later the pain had reduced greatly and an MRI scan confirmed that my herniated disc had regressed. Currently I am painfree. Many thanks for your wonderful treatment, Amanda, I could not have made it without your help!" - Antonella S., York.

"Amanda's skill is helping me with a chronic back problem. Thanks  to her I'm less reliant on pain killers" - Joyce M., York